Wheel Of Sun And Time: Trinity

by Tears of Chronus

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"Trinity" is an instrumental concept album that explores the creation of the universe, the birth of three deities, and their war in Paradise.

In Utero: In the beginning, there is nothing.
The darkness of non-existence manifests. From it, the first consciousness
is born - Origin. He represents anti-matter, no-time, no-space. He is all
that could be, and all that is not. His body is constitued by the mathematical
algorithms which carry quantam potential for all life. He is alone.

Origin And Genesis: In solitude, Origin decides to unlock his potential and create
a second entity - Genesis. Genesis is everything, all mathematical code that represents
existence: matter, time, space, and all in between. He is omniscient, omnibenevolent,
omnipotent, and omnipresent. He creates that which we would call "Paradise"
However, the mind, body, and spirit of Genesis cannot bear the load of all 4 states,
and his essence begins to divide.

Descent of the Scions: From the essence of Genesis are born three scions: Myrria, who
represents omnibenevolence and the pathos of spirit; Chronus, who represents
omniscience and the logos of mind; Abraxas, who represents omnipotence and the
ethos of body. These three entities fill in the gaps of reality.

Sacred Geometry, Pt. I: The Dreamer of Fates: Chronus, being omnscient, sees all
potential outcomes of time and space; one such outcome involves the misuse of power
in the name of righteousness at the hands of Abraxas. However, the only way to avoid
this outcome is to refuse participation in creating the lesser beings of Paradise and
be separate from the other two entities. So the lesser beings are created by Myrria:
angels, animals, and humanity.

Sacred Geometry, Pt. II: The Darkening Cloud: Abraxas, being the embodiment of the
ethos of body, contends that humanity should have free will to sit on the throne of
Genesis, whose image they are made in. So he conspires to use his omnipotence to
sway the legions of men and wage war on Paradise.

Dereliction: Abraxas descends upon the kingdom of man, and with his radiant form,
he convinces humanity to march with him on the gates of Genesis's throne. The walls
are broken. Myrria and Chronus take up arms to fight.

Gigas Omega: Having laid waste to the garden of Paradise, Abraxas approaches Myrria
and Chronus. A great battle is fought between the three of them, and in the chaos,
Abraxas defeats Myrria, sending her into a comatose state. Chronus strikes down Abraxas,
but is unable to defeat him. Abraxas enters the throne room of Genesis.

Terror And Triumph: Chronus stands in opposition to Abraxas, realizing now
the folly of his ways for not stopping Abraxas when he could. The two battle, and
Chronus manages to supress some of Abraxas's power into a machine called the Wheel
Of Sun And Time.

Sacred Geometry, Pt. III: The Sleeping Seraph: At this time, Genesis realizes it is
time to intervene. Genesis decides to banish Abraxas and the kingdom of man
to a new creation of Genesis's: the mortal realm. Myrria's body sleeps,
while her essence is scattered. He instructs Chronus
to collect Myrria's essence, but only moments before is is
scattered into the mortal realm, as it divides into the entities of space and time.
Genesis decides to banish Abraxas and the kingdom of man to the mortal realm.

Fernweh: The mortal realm is created, and Chronus volunteers to follow Abraxas and
ensure his war is not continued. He vows to restore Myrria to her previous state
and restore the balance between the trinity.

Dreamer's Flight: Chronus follows after Abraxas with a heavy heart for his sins
against Paradise and his inadvertent betrayal of Myrria. He descends upon the mortal

Sunsets In Paradise: Genesis resides in Paradise, awaiting the inevitable return of
the Trinity.


released July 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Tears of Chronus Muskegon, Michigan

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